About Dr. Sprinkles

In her book, FROM DUNBAR TO DESTINY; One Woman’s Journey Through Desegregation and Beyond,” Shirley nostalgically relives a time when people of color wrestled their identity and their dignity from a callous and largely indifferent Jim Crow system. Shirley credits the positive outcomes of her life to the solid foundation she acquired from strong family values, and a caring community of teachers, administrators and friends in a school called “DUNBAR” where the principal, Morgan Maxwell, constantly admonished her to: “Be the best!” In an epic journey from her humble Texas birthplace, through formative years in Tucson, to a dazzling life of work, marriage and family life in the Los Angeles area, and, ultimately, a return to Texas, Shirley leads the reader on a fascinating life-safari characterized by unexpected twists and turns.

Shirley Robinson Sprinkles took advantage of every opportunity to improve herself along the way. She pursued degrees in education from UCLA (BA), California State University at Los Angeles (MA) and the University of Texas at Austin (Ph.D). Her love for children and a passion for teaching led her into work that provided opportunities for advocacy and training. After many years in the classroom and brief episodes of employment as an entrepreneur and educational politics, she returned to work that more directly affected students. For four years after graduate school, Shirley worked the Texas Education Agency where she served as Program Director for the Jacob K. Javits Gifted and Talented Project, and Site-Based Decision-Making and Planning. She was later hired by the McGraw-Hill Companies testing division, CTB/Mc-Graw-Hill as a territorial consultant for marketing norm-referenced assessments to school districts. It is from this career that Shirley is now retired. Nevertheless, she still maintains her involvement in improving education for children by working part-time as Intervention Consultant for TEA. Shirley’s life’s motto is borrowed from a quote by the late Marian Anderson:

“Have a star, and try to reach its height—all things are possible to the courageous.”

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